75th Anniversary of the Naples Airport

Did you know 2017 marks the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Naples Airport as a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base?

75th Anniversary of the Naples Airport

Top View of The Naples Airport Home of The Naples Museum Of Military History

This Website has been created to draw attention and to honor those who served from the Revolutionary War through the present, through our exhibits and events at the Naples Airport.

Right now, visitors can see over 15,000 items that bring the past to life, and to know who used them and how thanks to our great docent staff and veteran supporters. 

We have plans to greatly expand what we could display, whom we can honor, and how we can educate.


The Naples Museum of Military History is one of the largest military museum and library in Southwest Florida. It was incorporated in 2006 as a Florida Non-Profit Educational Organization. We have over 15,000 items in two major exhibits (including military weapons, uniforms and insignia, equipment, vehicles, books and pamphlets and more), in the terminal building of the Naples Airport off Airport-Pulling Road.  We are pursuing a major capital campaign to expand with the construction of a 30,000 sq. ft. multipurpose facility for education, events, a large workshop for fabrication and mechanical repairs, and a library.

The most important function of the Museum is to preserve the heritage and traditions of the service members and veterans of all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States and its allies who have trained and lived in Southwest Florida.  The Museum may solicit, collect, and spend funds for such educational, charitable, and scientific purposes and May also engage in such other activities necessary or incidental to these purposes.

Our present and future facilities will always include museum displays in appropriate fashion military photographs, engines, uniforms, and other such items of interest. The grounds surrounding the future museum should be designed for, and permit the safe and authorized display of, military aircraft, vehicles, missiles, and other such items of interest.

The future museum will include a research library, open to the public, that will contain books, periodicals, and other publications of special interest to historians and other interested personnel, with some items being available for temporary loan and display.

The museum will also contain a gift shop to buy, sell, and generally deal in souvenirs, curios, mementos, publications, or other items, but it remains a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law of 1954, and Under 10 USC 2572 (3) is qualified to receive condemned, obsolete, or excess materials.

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