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Motivational Videos

Music and Motivational Videos with a Military Theme, this collection is from the Internet. I find them on YouTube, Google, and various other places with some even from the Artists own websites. I have come across some excellent videos that just scream America and it’s Military, There are also Motivational Videos with a message included and more will be added because we want to be different.

  Great Military Leaders

For as long as wars have been fought, great military leaders have been able to use the power of the pulpit to motivate their troops. The right words delivered in the right way at the right time have helped to turn the tide when morale was suffering when casualties were high and ammo was low.

  These videos are taken from a public place (YouTube for one), and we are a nonprofit and make no claim of ownership to these videos and do not profit from showing them, they are here only to get the patriotic pride pumping through your veins.

 Subjects Vary

There is some country, some rock n roll, some mellow and some sad ones, but we cover them all to have something for everyone, so sit back, enjoy and check back often I will be adding them.  Oh, and God Bless America.

We Must Fight - Ronald Reagan

Made In America - Toby Keith

American Soldier -Toby Keith

Courtesy Of The Red White and Blue - Toby Keith

Three Door Down Set Trump Pre Inauguration Party

Don't Quit | Military Motivation

GET UP AND FIGHT! | Military Motivation

Conquer Your Day | Military Motivation

It's Never Too Late | Military Motivation

I'll Die Before I Quit... a Navy Seal Testimony | Chad Williams


An Unstoppable Mind - MOST Powerful Motivation [The Lone Survivor] NAVY SEAL

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