USS Fremont (APA-44)




USS Fremont

This is the story of the USS Fremont and her crew. She sails no more, decommissioned, sold, scrapped, and lost to all her crewmembers; however, she still lives on in our hearts and in our memories. She is a constant reminder of the days when we were young, and our lives still stretched out before us. Why does a sailor fondly remember his ship?

USS Fremont Plague

Surely, a sailor knows that his ship is nothing but a skin of metal riveted and welded over a skeletal frame. However, the feelings of a sailor go much deeper than the physical make-up of his ship. A sailor views his ship as a home, a workplace, transportation to exotic ports-of-call, but most of all a community of shipmates sharing the greatest adventure of their lives.

A special thanks to former crewmember Bob Allen for providing me the basis for this story of the USS Fremont. I will include additional information about the story of our ship as it is received. Personal memories about your time on Fremont are most welcome.

So now, let the story and adventure that is Fremont begin!!!!

Tony Yebba



*This is another person’s work.

Just outstanding work.  Also, Anything you could possibly want to know about the Fremont  can be found at  USS Fremont APA-44  it is  Unbelievable

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