This Military Museum


 This Military Museum

 Naples Municipal Airport in sunny Naples Florida which was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers. Naples Museum of Military History is located in The Naples Municipal Airport. They broke ground in 1942 and the training facility was opened in 1943. It was used to train pilots for the Pacific theater of operations in the Second World War. 


     Naples Museum Of Military History began as a Museum Honoring Military Aviation in WWII and has evolved into so much more. We have the original museum that is set up to honor WW2 Aviation and we also have some rare artifacts displayed in custom cases viewable on 3 sides. These cases are arranged by the different eras of our Military history and different outfits, countries, and weapons.

  We have added a second room called the Annex- filled with even more artifacts dating back to the war of 1812, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, The Indian Wars, World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Afghanistan and the Iraq Wars.

One of our many cases featuring the Vietnam War, This case belongs to Dave Hines a Retired USMC

 Naples Museum Of Military History passes on Personal stories connected to donated items of living history. What are we without our history?

Naples Museum Of Military History invites you to come and visit and learn about your Military History and see the sacrifices that so many strangers made for your Freedom. You’ll be glad you did.

We are Presently looking for anyone that would like to volunteer to do a three hr shift in either of the Museums. It is the perfect opportunity to pass on history that you lived or just meet like-minded people.




This is our Table Of Honor for all POW and MIA’s





Naples Museum Of Military History


Naples Museum Of Military History is a non-profit museum that is all about Honoring our past and present Veterans from all branches of Our Military.


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