Military Artifact Displays


Military Artifact Displays We Have In Our Museum

Here at the Naples Museum Of Military History, we have over 11,000 Items of Military History. We occupy two rooms in the Naples Commercial Airport Terminal.

The US Army built this airport in 1942 as a training base in 1942. There are mainly WWII items in the first room,

This museum contains mostly US Army Air Corp related with some WW2 Enemy cases thrown in. All of it is WW2 era.

Down the hall, we have The Annex. And that Museum is filled with artifacts from the Revolution, The war of 1812, Our Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Desert Wars Afganistan & Iraq.

Many families of Veterans donated their Military items. And there are lots of Veterans that donate their own military artifacts. We designed Artifact Displays by Specific Wars, Service, individual engagements. There are  Displays in cases from the war of 1812 all the way to Afganistan and Iraq

Here are some of the Military Artifact Displays you will see with a visit to The Naples Museum Of Military History.

All these pictures were taken at The Museum Of Military History and are part of bigger displays, they are all up to date.

This is just a filler page until the real one is ready “Stay Tuned” Working on it now

some displays    some displays

some displays   

some displayssome displays

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