Help Preserve Military History Please Donate
Help Preserve Military History Please Donate

The Naples Museum Of Military History

Help Preserve Military History Please Donate                                                           

Help Preserve Military History, Up in the attic or in that back room closet

 do you have?

  • historic military objects
  • uniforms, equipment, weapons
  • trench art, pictures
  • diaries, medals

   That you no longer wish to keep

  or maybe you have a great collection of your own military gear that you’d like others to enjoy along with the stories that go with them.

Give them to us, or place on loan. We’d like to preserve and display them for future generations. We are a Southwest Florida Military Museum, ( WE ARE A 501 (C3) NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION)  We are seeking the necessary funding to build a new home for all of the historical artifacts we have accumulated over the years. 

  •  We have thousands of artifacts dating back to the revolutionary war that we haven’t the room to display.
  •  We can not do it alone we need your help, so please Donate to the Naples Museum of Military History and make this Dream a reality.
  •  With your help, we can raise enough money to finance the project and construct our new Forward Operating Base for Naples Museum of Military History.
  • We can not do it alone we need your help, so please Donate to the Naples Museum of Military History and make this Dream a reality.


Help Preserve Military History, Please Donate

One of the many displays in Our Museum , this one includes a framed picture of our Museum President at the wheel of his ’67 M.U.T.T. while a gunner operates the .50 Browning  in a parade.  (no one was injured)


“When this man dies , He’s going to Heaven, For He has served His time in Hell”

Our Leader, Museum President- Robert McDonald


Our POW/MIA Table it is reserved for those that were either Prisoner of War or Missing in Action. we don’t sit at this table it is in honor of those that can’t.

Full explanation can be found next to it in our Museum

This is Dave Hinds one of our Veteran Docents and our In House Marine,  once a Marine Always a Marine.  Semper Fi

Phone: (941) 575-0401
Write Us At:
Naples Museum of Military History, Inc.
P.O. Box: 112800
Naples, FL. 34108

 Naples Museum of Military History

There are many ways to give. Call (941) 575-0401 to learn about additional ways to show your support, many with significant tax savings benefits for you, including:

  • Trusts
  • Bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Charitable remainder uni-trust
  • Real estate
  • Artifacts

Be sure to ask if your employer has a matching gift program. You may be able to double or triple your contribution.

Are you 70 ½ years old or older?
If you are, here’s a great year-end tip… donate RMDs to a qualified non-profit like The Naples Museum Of Military History.
You can donate to The Naples Museum Of Military History, all or part of the required minimum distributions (RMD) that you are required by law to take from your retirement accounts.
You can give up to $100,000 to charity every year this way.
The benefit to you is that, instead of the RMD generating more taxes for you, it creates a charitable deduction. It’s a terrific way to reduce your tax bill if you don’t need the income. 
Speak with your tax advisor to make sure that you do take the required minimum distributions (RMD) from your retirement accounts before year end. Penalties for failing to take your proper RMD amount
can be very costly.

Naples Museum of Military History

Preserving the history of the United States Armed Forces

This corporation is A 501 (C3) NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION and is organized exclusively for educational purposes.  To acquire and preserve significant Military artifacts, and to display these objects and in a fashion conducive to public viewing and understanding.

To receive, catalog and make available to interested persons, books, unpublished documents and other papers which can facilitate research, understanding, and appreciation of Military artifacts on display.

Naples Museum of Military History

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