We are Always looking Please volunteer

We are always looking, please volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to help staff our Military Museum Located In Naples Municipal Airport in Naples Fl. 500 Terminal Drive, Naples Florida 34104  Please Volunteer 

 We are always looking for a few Good Patriots to be Docents. We will need more Volunteers ( to fill in for the ones that will be leaving).  Please Volunteer 

Patriots who would be willing to come and do a three-hour shift
in one of the two Naples Museum of Military History‘s rooms at the Naples Airport.     Please Volunteer 

   It’s easy work, ideal for retiree’s or Veterans but we don’t want to exclude anybody.  Please Volunteer 

 Veterans can look back and maybe educate interested visitors as they were there, and I always find that guests really enjoy it. But even if you aren’t a Veteran you can still be a part of it.  

It is also good for students ( on weekends ) for those that want to learn about our military history, there is plenty all around to soak in.

You will be glad you did

The shifts are 10 am -1 pm or 1 pm – 4 pm, days vary

Please call Our President, Robert McDonald at  941-575-0401.. if no answer, please leave a message or email at commanderweb@naplesmmh.org

Thank You in advance. 

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