Patriotic Videos

This is the Patriotic Videos Page

 Patriotic Videos combine Patriotic images with great songs this collection is from the Internet. I find them on YouTube, Google, and various other places some from the Artists websites after searching the internet. I have come across some excellent videos that just scream America the beautiful.

Patriotic Videos

Toby Keith

 Toby Keith is probably the most patriotic musical artist today. So here are just a few videos to prove that.  This page is a work in progress and will eventually go on forever. Face it there are a lot of quality videos out there that belong here.

We are way into patriotism here so buckle up. These videos are taken from a public place ( YouTube for one ), and we are a nonprofit and make no claim of ownership to these videos and do not profit from showing them, they are here only to get the patriotic pride pumping through your veins.

  There is some country, some rock n roll, some mellow and some sad ones, but we have to cover them all to have something for everyone, so sit back, enjoy and check back often I will be adding them.  Oh, and God Bless America.

Go Army      Go Navy     Go Air Force    Go Marines!!