Military Artifact Displays We Have In Our Museum

Military Artifact Displays We Have In Our Museum

The Naples Army Airfield was built as a U.S.Army Aircorps Auxiliary field to train pilots for World War II. What better place to put a military museum.

Here at the Naples Museum Of Military History, we have over 11,000 Items of Military History. so we occupy two rooms in the Naples Commercial Airport Terminal.

As an example, there are mainly WWII items in the first room. Mostly Army Aircorp but there are also Navy, Army, Marines and in addition the enemies that they were fighting. (The Nazi case is in this room) Some of the enemy articles are quite rare. There is an Officers hat from the German SS “Skull and Crossbones” as well as many flags, medals, bayonets, uniforms, etc. As a result, this museum has grown so much we opened another room with even more  Artifacts. We have named this room The Annex.

And that Museum is filled with artifacts from The Revolution,.The war of 1812. Our Civil War. As well as WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Desert Wars Afganistan & Iraq.

There are many families of Veterans that donated their Military items. And there are lots of Veterans that donate their own military artifacts. Therefore we designed Artifact Displays by Specific Wars, Service and individual military engagements. There are  Displays in cases from the war of 1812 all the way to Afganistan and Iraq

Here are some of the Military Artifact Displays you will see with a visit to The Naples Museum Of Military History.  All these pictures were taken at The Museum Of Military History and are part of bigger displays, they are all up to date.


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