Educating Kids on The Vietnam War

Educating Kids on The Vietnam War By Vietnam Veterans

On Thursday, May 4th, I was invited to cover a program they are doing at the Vietnam wall Monument in Punta Gorda in Charlotte County Fl. There are a bunch of Vietnam Vets that are getting together with busloads of school kids to try and impart to them what happened in the Vietnam war from a personal perspective. The separated them into groups a group consisted of 1 bus load of kids there were 5 buses.


Educating Kids

The Vietnam Wall monument in Punta Gorda

When they got off the bus they received instructions, before heading up to the Wall, which is a replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington.  although it is scaled down it has all the names of the men killed in the Vietnam War in the order that they were killed.there are 58,178 names on that wall, Fathers  Sisters & Brothers. To see the names check out this website,  The Vietnam Wall.

As the Students passed their time at the wall they progressed to the Gazebo area where the Veterans were stationed to give them information on a personal level, the students filled out cards with questions and the Vets that had the most experience in that topic would answer.  It was very interesting.

Educating Kids

Educating Kids on The Vietnam War By Vietnam Veterans

We heard all kinds of questions and answers from the men who were there. They have plans for more of these in the future, They need to learn the truth about this war and they are not getting the Truth from Media who have their own agenda, One Veteran spoke of how after boarding the plane to return to the States, these soldiers, who were trained to fight for their country, the same ones that our govt. sent to war at 18,19 yrs old, had to change out of their uniforms on the plane so they could exit the plane in street clothes so as not to be harassed by a public that was torn by the war, mainly because of poor politicized reporting.  They only did their duty but yet were spit on when they returned.  such a sad part of our history.

Educating Kids

Veterans relating their experiences to Jr. High students

All in all, I think they got their points across and opened some eyes. Bob McDonald from the  Naples Museum of Military History brought his 1967 M.U.T.T to display at the event I have some pictures in a slideshow so you can see what it was like.   Please visit us at The Museum Of Military History in Naples Fl. 500 Terminal Drive, Naples Fl. 34104  ( at the Naples Airport )

our website is here  The Naples Museum of Military History

here are some other websites  about the Vietnam Wall Monument in Washington,

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