Correcting The Myths of the Vietnam War

Correcting The Myths of the Vietnam War

Vietnam Veterans challenge Ken Burns on the accuracy of his epic documentary. Correcting the Myths of the Vietnam War.

They just aren’t comfortable with filmmaker Ken Burns ambitious documentary

“The Vietnam War”.

 – The Washington Times – Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Correcting The Myths of the Vietnam War

In an open letter to Mr. Burns and Lynn Novick. — Who are the directors, co-creators, and also co-producers of the series — along with PBS and Bank of America, which financed the project:
“The film portrays U.S. support for South Vietnam as a blustering, blundering jingoism. The choice of music, graphics, and interviewees demonstrates a bias in favor of the militant leftist anti-war cliches of the 1960s.

   It demonstrates a prejudice against the more than 90 percent of U.S. Vietnam War Veterans who are proud of their Vietnam service.

   It demonstrates a prejudice against the tragic struggle of the embattled Republic of Vietnam to preserve its national sovereignty.

   It demonstrates a prejudice against the more than 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers killed by the Soviet-equipped and trained North Vietnamese Army and its Viet Cong subordinates,” the letter said.

The group is also critical or the portrayal of Ho Chi Minh and his “life-long dedication to ruthless Leninism.” Plus the film’s failure “to acknowledge U.S. treaty obligations to assist Southeast Asian governments fighting Communist subversion, terrorism, and invasion.”
The project, they said, also omitted certain actions by “leftist U.S. politicians.” It gave little time to the oppression and the curtailing of civil liberties following the communist victory.
Correcting The Myths of the Vietnam War

The group advised in their letter:

In the interests of truly open civil discourse on this part of our history, we ask that you be willing to discuss with us possible remedies that demonstrate a better balance of inputs,”

We have not received a response back from Mr. Burns, PBS, or Bank of America.

  Which is unfortunate because Vietnam Veterans, Vietnamese-Americans, and the public deserve to have the full story of that history covered, with the events portrayed without bias or omissions.” ..R.J. Del Vecchio, Executive Secretary for the organization,

(reprinted from The Washington Times)



For those who have an interest, here is the presentation Del made in Georgia to the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Association, to whom he’s indebted for the availability of this video. He hopes people find it useful, and please feel free to disseminate (56 min).


Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association presents R.L. Del Vecchio, “Correcting The Myths of the Vietnam War” – Ex. Sec. of Vietnam Veterans for Factual History – February 6, 2018.

Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website:


Naples Museum Of Military History

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