Naples Museum Of Military History

On the heels of the sweltering, downtown Bonita Springs July 4th parade I thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to be taken on an air-conditioned adventure this month. What immediately sprang to mind was the Naples Museum Of Military History which is located at the Naples Municipal Airport in Naples, Florida. Years ago I saw a presentation for this museum and had yet to make it take a tour.

The museum is easy to get to and it’s open to the general public at no charge, but donations are greatly appreciated. This is an inexpensive outing. Parking is even free!

The collection is placed in display cases. There are two completely different rooms on each end of the concourse.

 However, would I know that what looked like a grass hula skirt was relevant to the war because it was made of shredded parachute cord? Other favorites included items known as “trench art” which were trinkets or useful items such as ashtrays or salt and pepper shakers made while passing the time in the trench and putting to use spent shell casings and metal fragments.

Standard military equipment including, uniforms, weapons, badges, and medals are arranged throughout the exhibit. There are several display cases arranged by specific war such as Desert Storm, the Vietnam War and the Korean War in addition to World War I & II displays. Plus, there are great time-specific pieces on display such as newspapers and magazines. Even more special are the letters and diaries documenting the life and times of those from the period.

The museum has acquired many of their ten-thousand plus items by donation and they are always accepting more to help rotate the inventory on display. The Museums founding President “Bob McDonald”  told me that the white nurse uniform was sealed in a trunk since WWII and the whole trunk was donated by the family of the service member. He also added that the service member was still able to fit into the uniform. Many donations are from veterans or family members who would like to have the items properly preserved, cared for and displayed for future generations to appreciate.

If you’d like to learn a little about American history and the brave men and women who fought for our freedoms visit the museum at the Naples Municipal Airport. While you’re walking thru the Rooms remember that before private planes whizzed in and out of there it was a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base called the Naples Army Airfield.

To Learn more about the museum please visit their website at Naples Museum Of Military History  and be sure to sign up for their newsletter, sent out at the beginning of each month so you will know about upcoming special events and feature displays for holidays and remembrances.

Happy trails … and air-conditioned museums.