About our museum, Welcome to the About page of the Naples Museum Of Military History. We are a  Southwest Florida 501(c)(3) military history museum. Our Museum is packed with over 10,000 military artifacts available for public viewing. There are Items from all over the world. We have Items from The Revolutionary War all the way to the Middle East conflicts. There are Military Artifacts from Allies and Enemies on display. Furthermore, we are pleased to present exhibits of these treasures to local area groups and the general public. There are Docents in each room. These Docents are there to answer any questions you may have. Our mission is to make your visit to The Naples Museum Of Military History a Memorable one.


Official Logo of The Naples Museum Of Military History


  1. To acquire and preserve significant Military artifacts and to display these and in a fashion conducive to public viewing and understanding.
  2. To acquire, catalog and make available media to interested persons. There are books, unpublished documents and other papers which can facilitate research. To show an understanding, and appreciation of all Military artifacts on display.
  3. Arrange for guided tours for groups of visitors interested in our Military history.

Email us at  info@naplesmmh.org  Phone is  (941) 575-0401                                                                                                                                                             please leave a message

We have a very active Board of Directors. There is a growing group of enthusiasts. This Group has an abiding interest in presenting displays of historical military items.  We aim to honor those who have served. Honor those that have given their lives for their countries. and in the conflicts represented. Pass on the stories connected to these Military artifacts. We regard the preservation of these treasured artifacts represented to be a sacred trust.

Through them, we can recreate a historic “realism” for visitors. And a better understanding of how and why these wars were fought.


Naples Museum Of Military History

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